Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sole Bug Chronicles: The Battle at Clactarot

Today, I saw a boy and a girl playing with their sneakers. The boy was a tom-girl. He wore new balance sneakers, thin pink ankle socks, blue hip huggers a black tummy top, or atleast that's what I call them. The tops that bare a girl's midriff up to just under the breasts. He wore one of those hats that girls sometimes wear too, the one that looks like a train conductor's hat. I have to give the boy credit, his midriff was as bare and smooth as a newborn baby's bottom. The girl however was in a pair of blue jeans, a pink shirt, white and red valentine socks, and laceless adidas superstars! Now, the shoeplay fanatic in me told me to stay right there and film them. because they were both playing like they were in a contest. The sneaker fetishist in me told me to focus on the chick in the laceless adidas superstars. The battle was on, between the Tom-Girl and the Tam-Girl. they were slow and methodical in their motions, and swirled their shoes about like witches making a potion. I could tell they were competing. They knew I was watching too. the boy really started heelpopping and doing hurdles. his soles and his moves were really starting to get the better of me. At one point, he lifted his left foot up so part of it came out of his sneaker and crossed his right foot over the heel at the ankle, and started to heelpop the right sneaker quickly, and pump his foot in and out of the left shoe. That, combined with his feminine physique, and his sneakers, and the perfumed smell coming out of them, caught my attention. But that girl was dominant. She was slipping her feet in and out of her sneakers, then touching the tongues with her toes. Then she placed her feet on top of her sneakers. She loked at me and frowned, but wiggled her toes. "You like my feet?" she said. "Huh?" I said, "what are you talking about?" "I see your camera." she said. "Do you like my feet?" "I guess I do." I said. "Okay." she said and went back to playing with her sneakers. She started playing rough with them, raising them diagonally, then smacking them down. I felt that I was being carnally interested in the two players. Even the dainty boy and his slim, size eight dainty socked soles were enticing to me. He was rocking them from side to side in time to the music he was listening to. He made me want to just grab his feet and tickle the socked soles for all I was worth. But I controlled myself, and allowed myself to be enraptured by the girl and her sexy feet as she moved and lifted her sneakers up in the air, then popped her heels in and out. Each pop made me lurch slightly. Then I suddenly felt very...I don't know really....but the important thing is, that was some hot shoeplay. In the end, the girl won the battle of the feet, by doing a massive hurdle, and dipped three times, and lost her shoe, right into the train tracks. Yeah, it was at a metro station. And it was the most arousing shoeplay in seven minutes I ever saw. Well, that's it for now you guys, Shoeplay Hunter Z out.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Feet of the Ghetto II

This kid is great. This is the second time I caught him, and boy was I happy. I never expected him to actually play with those stinky feet of his but he did. He just popped them right out og his sneaks. man, I couldn't believe it. The kid was, in a word, arousing. I couldn't help it. I mean, his shoes were undone, and he just started heel popping. The stink of the kid's sweat was so powerfuland his succulent plump toes wiggled in his socks so vivaciously that it was just a matter of time before I started feeling that feeling I get when I concern myself with girl's soles.

In the library, it tends to be a bit risky. security guards have begun their walks abouts, and with me crouched behind the bookcase, peeping behind at girls and boys feet, and about to spill over into the dark, black depths of human pleasure, I had to control myself. At first I thought I was under control as a security guard passed by my crouched position, looking through the books, then the boy began doing some wild stuff, that just made it ever so harder to keep from releasing myself into Pleasure. His feet looked like they were in siezure, and such other shaking images. I couldn't help but lust after those feet. Those stinky, sweaty, plump, socked feet of that thirteen year old kid were banging me out man...and truthfully, he did some cool play. Even now, I am rolling, and this is six or seven hours later. Man...I hate it when I sound pedo, but it was soooo hot! and smelly can't forget smelly!

I mean to tell you I was right up on the kids soles at first. the kid is like a girl too. at one point he starts giggling and he sounds a little like a girl. It is just too cute, and TOO HOTTT!!! It would have been so great to have tickled his soles. I would have wrkecked him with his giggles if only I had the chance!!! Augh!!!

Well, that is all, Shoeplay Hunter Z Out.

Now I am annoyed, by the transvestite boys. They look just like girls but they aren't. They flaunt themselves like girls in schools, and then they play like there's no tomorrow.
Now, I don't have any problem with boys shoeplaying. I don't have a problem with boys wearing girls jeans and socks and then shoeplaying in them. No, I don't. I do however have a problem when those boys try to hit on me, and I don't realize it's a boy until they let me touch their socked feet, and I tickle them. As was the case with a boy/girl who I will only refer to as Toni.
I sat in the library, on the look out for some shoeplay. Although there was none to be found, I stayed ever vigilant. Eventually, a very good looking girl in a pair of tight khaki pants and a pair of sneakers came into the room. I got up to walk around the library and see if anyone else was shoeplaying. No one. So I got ready to leave the room, when I saw the girl kick off one of her sneakers, and then the other. Immediately I was alert. I became the Spy/Hunter that I pride myself on, and I sat back down and turned on my camera. There was someone else at the table that I positioned myself in, but I hid the camera under a hat and a book that I was "reading".
The girl began to raise her shoes in the vertical, and I watched as she shifted them from side to side, and back and forth. My goodness I was pleasurably uncomfortable. Her playtime was about five minutes, at least and though I didn't blast or anything, the whole situation was a most pleasuring thing. By and Large, I left the room with fuller looking pants. As I climbed the stairs, I heard a soft voice behind me. I turned to see the girl I was filming.
"Hi." she said finally after about ten seconds of staring at each other.
I waved at her. I didn't want her to hear my voice and then figure out my intentinons. Don't askl me the logic in that, that is just what I thought.
"I have a question, were you filming me while I was at the computer?"
I shook my head. "Oh, so then I guess you aren't the guy who has a shoeplay website?"
At this, my moth dropped. "It's pretty easy to see where you film," she said with a laugh, "I mean, I know my library better than most people."
"I don't know what ou mean," I said quickly, "You can't assume I was recording you doing what you call, shoeplay." I turned to leave.
"I know you like feet." I stopped dead in my steps. "I want you to tickle my feet. I see you tickling other girls, and I wan't you to tickle mine. I never had the pleasure of having a boy do that to me." I turned to her. "I also know that you film girl's feet on the trains and in the library. I have been watching you all this time. So don't play dumb with me, or I will report you to the library and you will be banned."
"And you'll never get me to tickle your feet." I said with confidence. She was silent for a moment, and then said to me this.
"Okay, I won't tell, but can you just tickle me please?"
"Certainly," I said with a grin. We sat down on the steps, and She slipped off one shoe. Her socked foot, a white socked foot, was sweaty and plump and long. She set her foot on my lap and I softly carressed her sole. She looked at me with those eyes that were indicative of seduction, or an attempt at such. Then I began to walked my firm naled fingers up and down her foot.
"Here comes the soldier, ready to fight the war," I said in a crescendo voice, "time to tickle the land with it's hand and touch those cutie toes!" The girl's giggles were high and soft. and her foot wriggled insanely, and her toes, oh her toes, they spread apart so far I didn't think that she would bring them back. But I was going to take that foot, and bang it with tickles. That was when she pulled off her other shoe while still giggling her butt off. I grabbed both feet and put one over each shoulder. I then tickled them both, and looked at her as she shut her eyes tightly and shook her legs while I tickled the sock lint off her feet. it was like snow.
"My goodness, what is your name?" I asked her. She opened one eye, and looked at me quizically, "What is your name?"
"T-T-TOHOHOHONIIHAHAHAAA!!!" She threw her head back and laughed like a monster.
"Well Toni, you have some banging feet, did you know that?" It was then that I noticed her laugh was changing.. I took off her socks and I tested my theory, which was just coming about.
I tickkled her bare feet, really hard, and the soft, smooth pink skin wrinkled and the girl laughed a lot more, however, her laughter grew deeper, and that is when I found out, it was not a girl, but a boy. Having realized I discovered his secret, Toni tried to get away.
"Oh no you don't." I said as I grabbed his tummy, and began tickling the exposed flesh under his pink midriff shirt. He began screaming with laughter, and then he bumped his head on the steps. I collected her socks and left him for a moment. I then returned a moment later with some guards and they called the ambulance. The boy was taken to the hospital, and it turned out, after he woke up, that he had forgotten the whole incident, and who knows what else.
Shoeplay Hunter Z Out

My Next Adventure was with a fifteen year old with a fine body. She wore red and white nike sneakers with the black nike sign.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Feet of The Ghetto One


So I am in the train station and I see these two girls getting on the train. One is in blue jeans, and white socks with plae blue Croc Clogs. Intuition tells me that she is going to shoeplay. She is around fifteen and has numerous braids in her hair, and a ponytail on the side. A rather lazy style in my opinion, but I don't argue, I liked her feet.

And boy were those peds funky. They had a rotting cheese smell, a most arousing smell from the jean-clad socked feet of any young lady. As I watched her, her two friends and I were the only ones in the train car, the rotting funk of her rapidly moving feet, aroused me quickly. I knew I was about to let loose whatever I held in my bowels right then; it was far too sexy. I thought I might hold in the fire that was raging within me, but then the girl's friend saw me. She told her that I was recording her feet, and she looked at me, then looked at her friend. Then she started kicking her feet really hard and smiled a devious smile. She obviously knew I had a fetish of some sort. Then she put her legs on thearm of the seat and let her crocs fall to the floor. Her white socked feet had dirty grayish brown soles at the heel, the balls of the feet and the toe areas. She started rolling her toes and cracking them one by one. And one by one, my resolve began to falter. She got up and sat in my seat, and right on my lap.

"Yep, he's hard." she said to her friend. I would have stopped her from sitting on me, but I was too immobile. She sat her feet on my lap. I couldn't stand the temptation any longer, with her feet right there, and her seemingly so comfortable, I just took a chance; and that xchance ended beautifully as you soon will see.

I grabbed her feet and put them right on my face. The cheesy smell was so heavenly, I just sat there sniffing for about a minute, and listened to the girl giggling madly. I looked up and asked her what she was laughing at.

"You," she said with a gasp, "your face tickles my feet."

"Oh, you're ticklish huh?"

"Hell yeah." She said to me.

"Well then," I said as I brought my fingers to her soles, "Kitchy Kitchy." I dug my fingers into her cheesy dirty socked feet. She jerked around laughing, and her friend looked at us both like we were totally mental. I wiggled my nose in her socks again and tickled them. She wriggled and squealed all the way to her stop. Before her stop came up, she pulled her feet away. She pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil. She scribbled something down on it and shoved it into my pocket. I forgot all about the paper until about eleven that night.

I opened the piece of paper and saw to my astonishment, that it was a phone number and a name. Mackenzie Jones. I called her up immediately. Now I have a girlfriend who is fourteen. Is this good or bad for an eighteen year old?

Striped Sole Sister

The Next hour came and went without incident. I hadn't let loose any sexual fury, and I was feeling great having not committed any sin upon the part of miss Mackenzie. As the train went on, a group of kids got on the train. I noticed a young lady in a short uniform skirt and long purple striped socks. She immediately began shoeplaying and I was there watching her. She was a real little cutie too. Around 5'4" with brown hair. She was a rough player which I found totally great. I also found that her feet too smelled like Hell. It wasn't the rotty cheesy smell that Mackenzie had. But it wasn't too far off. more like "I haven't washed my feet in a month of sundays" or a sweaty armpit stench. Anyway, her feet were funking the back of the train up, and I was just watching her awesome soles wriggle and stretch and play with her Adidas. I could smell that vinegary smell and it was bringing tears to my eyes. She just kept popping those sneakers on and off her feet. I just wish I were invisible because of moments like these. I could get right up on the girls and record. man...this girl was something else. As the train entered another station, two other girls started plaing at the same time as well. I tried to catch them but didn't do too well, but I caught something. But the boys that were in there were just messing it up, getting in the way of my progress and all that jazz. God I wish they were girls and were shoeplaying. That'd make this ten times better.

Now, if I had the choice of having a girl as a slave, it would probably be this one right here. She is young, nubile, and she shoeplays like a wild cat and she is ticklish. Then again, I could have Mackenzie on the same tangent. But anyway, I'd have this girl because she actually asked me to tickle her when she saw me recording her feet. I muist either have the Creator on my side, or The Destroyer. I don't know. I just know that I have been getting tons of feet tickled and playing. This ticklish teen was fifteen with tanned skin from the hot sun. her feet were obviously hot in her skater shoes because she was just slapping them on the ground like nobody's business.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Beginning of The Wars: These Pictures aren't Mine

Okay, if you are reading this you are one of two things, a person interested in reading a random blog, or a person who is also a fan of shoeplay. Before I go on, I want to state something.  If you don't know what shoeplay is, ny the time you finish reading this blog entry, you will know precisely what I am talking about.

Shoeplay; you might see it anywhere, mostly in schools and libraries. It is when people take off their shoes and move their feet around with tem partially or not at all, on. For example:

I was in the library and I wanted to read a book, but me being the raging shoeplay fanatic that I am, I couldn't focus on what I wanted. Now, as I was beginning to settle down into a relaxed state behind a bookshelf in order to read a book, along comes a girl with soft tiny feet in a pair of sneakers. She wore blue jeans, a black tank top, and had tan skin. her hair was very curly. Right when she got on the computer, her shoes came off. she began playing with them the whole time she was there. No doubt I had to get my camera out and film this sensually delicious piece of imagery for timesake. Her feet dipped repeatedly in and out of her vans, and just watching her made me dizzy. Each time her foot dipped, it was like I was on a roller coaster going down into the trough of the ride, only to be brought gradually back up to the crest, the climax so to speak, of the situation. I controlled myself, kept my cool, and recorded. I had found a supremely wonderful spot for getting the foot while not being seen by the girl or boy I was snapping. I hope to God that the spot shall be there for all time,. Or atleast as long as the library is around and girls are shoeplaying as mean as that. Heh heh.
So now you see what I might mean by shoeplay. Here are a few pics to help you also.

Now, I myself prefer the jeans and socks combination or Khaki and socks, but in certain scenarios, the blue jeans, and barefeet combo can get me going just like any jeans and socks piece. But to me nothing is better, than being the one who is actually filming this candid media. Be it to distribute it to the people who enjoy this guilty pleasure or to save it for yourself, and your personal enjoyment.

So, I hope I helped you out a bit, Shoeplay Hunter Z out.